Everyone in the world knows Antoni Gaudí’s unprecedented building dedicated to the Holy Family, Sagrada Familia, marked by Anagram of Holy Family “JMJ” Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Besides, we all know that it is located in Barcelona and is still unfinished. However, it is neither wide-known that Gaudí took over the construction of the building in 1883 and he was literally obsessed with the building to the last year of his life, nor why he outlined Jesus’s 172.5 m tall tower with a large cross on the top, which would reign over all other buildings. In his plans that tower remained lower than the highest God’s work in Barcelona – Montjuic, as Gaudi did not want to compete with God in any way. He revealed to the Spanish King Alfons XIII what would be the purpose of Jesus’s tower, when he looked at the plan and wondered why he needed such a height. Gaudí explained to him that the cross on the top of the tower will kiss the heaven.


With The kiss of heaven Gaudí set himself an enormous big and time-consuming project, certainly too long for a human life. Therefore, even today, 132 years after the start of construction the tower which will connect the earth and the heaven has not been built yet, although the construction is progressing rapidly. A few years ago, when I was last in Barcelona, the interior was still almost empty, veiled by the construction curtain and the noise of construction machines and tools. Today, you enter a magnificent forest of slender trees through the door with foliage, protruding into the sky through which the light in all colours of the rainbow shines. You enter a fairy tale, where magnificence, bliss and tranquillity rule. All this is what you want every day, at any time. In the background you hear classical music, which mixes with latent noise of construction tools, which according to the notes flow into a song. You sit down in front of the crucifix, which is in the central part of the basilica and wonder whether you are in heaven or on earth. You look up in the sky and you feel that this is true heaven. And somewhere in the background, once in the future, there will be the tower, which will touch the heaven and team up with his author.

Photographed by Zlatka.