One day in 1832, the Austrian foreign minister Metternich expecting important guests. He wanted to make a big impression to them, therefore he orders in his kitchen: Don´t dare to embarrasse me in the evening”,  by today’s words: “Please prepare something wonderful , excellent, superior 🙂 ”  Just that day his chef got sick (maybe he was just a little scared of those words :) ). Challenging task fall to 16-teen years old Franz Sacher. And he did it flawlessly. Without the effect of limiting long-standing culinary experience and with great degree of imagination he created the legend: Sacher torte.

Shade of lifeFranz Sacher baked the Sacher cake as a result of coincidences (according to the formula: SACHER TORTE = disease of chef x high visit x Metternich´s command ) or he was destined to bake it sooner or later? In any case, he contributes his shade in the lives of all of us.

Here is his recipe with my touch. Ingredients (have them at room temperature): Cake:                                                                Icing:

180 g butter                                                    20 g butter

180 g chocolate  (at least 70% cocoa)       60 g of chocolate (at least 70% cocoa)

180 g flour                                                      40 ml of strong brewed coffee

9 eggs (yolks separated from whites)        80 g sugar

160 g of icing sugar


sugar apricot jam


1. Preheat oven to 165 °.

2. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler over hot water.

3. Beat the egg whites with a half of icing sugar until stiff.

4. Beat the warm butter with the second half of the icing sugar and vanilla until light and fluffy. Beat the egg yolks until light in colour. Gently whisk together: beaten butter, egg yolks and melted chocolate. Slowly fold in flour.                               

5. Take the round baking tin, lightly butter and sprinkle with flour. Bake for 50 minutes. Allow to cool completely before turning out from tin.                                    

6 Slice cake in half horizontally and spread with hot apricot jam. Reassemble and pour hot apricot jam over cake. Let stand for least five hours, then ice.                         

7. To make icing mix the butter and chocolate in a double boiler. Add the black coffee, sugar and vanila. Spread icing over the top and sides. Leave to cool for several hours. A piece of Sacher torte required an unsweetened whipped cream beside on the plate. And a glass of water. It´s a must.


Serving with whipped cream is a must

There was a legal battle over the use of the label “The Original Sacher Torte” developed between the Hotel Sacher and Demel, a famous pastry shop and chocolaterie in Vienna. In 1963 both parties agreed on an out of court settlement and nowdays the Hotel Sacher has the rights to use the phrase “The Original Sacher Torte”. It has a layer of apricot jam in the middle of the cake, Demel´s directly under the icing, my Sacher Torte has a jam in the middle and in the top 🙂 . All three have chocolate icing, the Sacher Torte is decorated with a round chocolate seals,  Demel´s with triangular and my with chocolate candies.


My Sacher Torte with chocolate candies




800 g wholemeal flour

1 yogurt

1 cube of fresh yeast

1 dl warm milk

3 dl hot water

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

4 tablespoons oil (optional)

chopped walnuts (optional)

Pour wheat flour in the plastic container. Mostly I use fresh ground wheat flour: take 800 g organic wheat and grind in the mill for grain. But you can buy already  ground whole wheat flour. Dig a hole in the flour and crumb yeast into the hole. Sprinkle yeast with a teaspoon of sugar and pour quite warm but not too hot milk. Allow the yeast rises until we get such a pile.


 We should get such a pile

Meanwhile, mix hot water with yogurt and add  a teaspoon of salt. If desired, add oil and chopped walnuts. Use a spatula to mix the flour mixture and leave in a warm place to rise for about an hour. Prepare a model for baking and lined with baking paper. For baking, use two high-ranking model for roasting meat loaves. Divide the dough into two part and then leave the dough to rise for about half an hour, until it rises almost to the edge of the pan.


The dough should rise almost to the edge

Put bread in the oven. Bake in the program for baking a bread at 200 ° C for about 50 minutes. After putting it from the oven,  turn off  from the model, remove the baking paper and allow to cool.


Is heavenly with butter, honey and walnuts