ONES upon a time (November 6th 1988) one of the three Fates came to Neuwirt family and announced: “You gonna get a beautiful boy. Be prepared to deal with the biggest challenge in you life”.

Tom Neuwirth

Although he was born to an innkeeper, he followed his dreams with a focus on fashion and singing. There came another of three Fates to Tom and said “Yes! You can do it”. So he won Eurovision Song Contest 2014 as Chonchita Wurst* – the lady with the bear. His victory courted controversy and brought him international attention. Tom uses masculine pronouns when referring to him but feminine to describe Chonchita. He become an icon of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) organization resulting in invitations to perform at various pride parades, the European Parliament and the United nations Office in Vienna.

Screen shot

Link for Chonchita Wurst hare stile 😉

Neuwirth asserted that the inclusion of the beard as part of the Wurst character was “a statement to say that you can achieve anything, no matter who you are or how you look.” Actually he proved opposite: what he achieved was the matter of his look and who he is.

I adore his sense for humor. As Chonchita he said: “There are people who want to kill me and I’m always like, ‘Well, get in the line, darling.”

NOW He is living Her dream: In July 14 she made her modeling debut on the catwalk at fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s Couture show in Paris, where she took the final spot, which is usually reserved for Gaultier’s favourite model. In August she modeled Givenchy clothing for Karl Lagerfeld’s fashion editorial, “The New Normal”. She was invited to attend the 2015 Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles as part of the Austrian delegation-supporting nominee Christoph Waltz…

Chonchita – Gaultier; Conchita and Gaultier walked the red carpet together at the Life Ball last Saturday in Vienna.

Moderators Miriam, Arabella and Alice

The Life Ball, which takes place annually inside Vienna City Hall, is one of the biggest AIDS charity events in the world. The aim is to help affected people in an unconventional way and to fight against the taboo status of HIV/AIDS in our society. Therefore, Life Ball is an exuberant festivity that celebrates life and makes a loud statement in the fight against HIV and AIDS – resounding across the boundaries of Vienna and Austria. The best thing is to look at picture galleries and of course read about charity projects:

As a mater of fact there are so many events going on in Vienna that is impossible to describe them in this short article. You can get all about Eurovision events on Official opening was on Sunday; on Monday was opening of the Eurovision village (in front of the Vienna City Hall) with fashion show “fashion for Europe”; in Stadthalle started rehearsal, …

Enjoy the music and good luck to Maraaya!

Lili from Wienna

* There is common German expression “Das ist mir doch alles Wurst“, which translates as “it’s all the same to me”, and “I don’t care”.




Fidelio (also named Leonore or The Triumph of Married Love) is a German opera with spoken dialogue in two acts by Ludwig van Beethoven. It is his only opera, which premiere was performed in Vienna 1806 titled Leonore, and 1814 as Fidelio.

Shortly the opera tells how Leonore, disguised as a prison guard named “Fidelio”, rescues her husband Florestan from death in a political prison. Bouilly’s scenario fits Beethoven’s aesthetic and political outlook: a story of personal sacrifice, heroism and eventual triumph (the usual topics of Beethoven’s “middle period”) with its underlying struggle for liberty and justice mirroring contemporary political movements in Europe. The success of these performances was hindered by the fact that Vienna was under French military occupation, and most of the audience were French military officers. That what disturbs is pure music, Beethoven with his “nostalgia of liberty”.

The Volksoper is Vienna’s main stage for operetta, opera, musicals and ballet, offering sophisticated musical entertainment. Colourful, eclectic and full of vitality, it is the only theatre dedicated to the genre of operetta.

Also performed are operas from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, as well as classic musicals and ballet. In addition, the Volksoper has a fifth longstanding and proven speciality: it stages soirées, cabaret and burlesque performances under the name of “Volksoper Spezial”.

Why did I choose this performance on 25th of March? Actually I didn’t.

It was my daughter’s SMS that said: “Dear Mum, best wishes for the upcoming Mother’s day – two tickets are waiting for you at Volksoper Wien.” I thought, how precious she is, thoughtful and good with internet (purchasing presents).

No! No! It all began one cold winter day in Obertauern, Austria. Roy Cornelius Smith, an Opera singer was standing in front of my daughter in the middle of the slope wondering: “Is this young girl really going to teach me how to ski? Well lets see.”










I have two memories from my childhood at Josipa Lisac . When I was in primary school my parents went to watch the rock opera Gubec-Beg in Zagreb. The case was then very fancy, because then Zagreb seems to me the world metropola. Even the opera was in my kid’s head very noble thing, a touch of mystery was added with the word rock, which I did not know exactly what it means, it seemed to me only, that is something loud. The importance of all the event was even greater, because my parents then dressed very elegant. They were gorgeous. They came back very excited because they were convinced that the girl from the opera, Josipa Lisac, will became a world-class star. Another such memory of Josephine, was created a few years later, when I read that she are returning from America back to Zagreb. Then I wondered whether Josephine Fox is become a world-class star?

Today, in addition to the memories, I have written in my head about Josipa Lisac three things:
1. her indescribable, magical voice, going from soft to harsh, from barely audible to

the penetrating, from whispering to a strong and back again,
2. the great love with Karl Metikoš and numerous concerts in his memory after his sudden death in 1991,
3. extravagant outfits with hats that perfectly complement her charisma.
At  February  she had  unforgettable concert at the Slovenian National Theatre in Maribor. She came on stage in extravagant black dress, with her eternal fox frufru, wide lips and strong cheekbones. Around the neck she had a metal chain, which hung almost to the ground. On her head she had an extensive black hat. From the first bars of the Ave Maria with which the concert began, we were forged on the seats and we drove through the hills and valleys of music, together with her, we drove on straight roads, wheezed up the hill, slow down the serpentine, she gave vent on the tops, from time to time we fly together. She has expanded energy, fills us that we sat immovable, silently, barely breathe, hoped that just would not have missed anything. Josipa not only sang with a voice in the first place, she sang with her heart, soul, even with the face, eyes, hands, with her whole body, she sang with the movements and also with clothes. At stops along the road, she put the argument that we are in the 21st century, and then she asked us whether this is true, and that she hoped it is.  It can easily happened  to fall asleep somewhere along the way, and you must not allow that. We must live here and now. And forget about everything else. She said as she needed us, we needed her because together we are in a circle of receiving and giving, we receive from her and she receives from us. What would help her  talent, if there was no us, the audience to confirm her talent?
She finished with the song Magla  and the last chord in me  appeared spontaneous inner urge to applaud her, that  primary motive for expressing enthusiasm , which we bring with us on that planet. Yes, Josipa Lisac, for me you´re the world star. 
Her divine song: