Antoni Gaudí was different. He stood out from the crowd. He didn’t only accept but he upgraded, altered, put on a new footing, at a new starting point. Thus, the claim that birds have wings to fly, he upgraded to concern that chicken have them too, but they just do not use them for that. He wasn’t satisfied with the realization that a straight line belongs to the human being and twisted to the God. Leaving the straight edge to a man, he started to draw soft, curvy lines. He realized that all what is man-made, already exists in the book of nature. He found the inspiration in nature. His works are extremely eccentric, and they provoked people’s passions and triggered waves of criticism and disapproval. During his lifetime he was a target of constant criticism and misunderstanding of intellectuals. Precisely because of his eccentricity nowadays we all admire him and his creations, maybe a little excessive. In any case, his earth life was much too short to realize at least a small part of his enormous potential. But it was long enough to be drawn with his uniqueness in the history. Nowadays when we hear the word architect, we think about Gaudi.

Gaudí was humbled and grateful for the gift of God, his artistic talent, which was reflected in his amazing ability that devised an unusual shape in the area. Splendour and misery of the material world did not mean anything to him. He was very modest, both in the housing as in the food. Because of the denial of food he almost died at the age of forty-two. Run over by a tram and injured, he was taken to the hospital for the poor, where he died, as he always wanted: poor and adopted only because of his love to God. He rests in the crypt of the Holy Family.


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