Sounds as cheap advertising, but it’s true: The Maldives are paradise.

maldives-mapMap of heaven on earth

Not all of 1200 islands and islets are paradise. Be careful in the choice of the island, if you are going there, check internet lengthwise and crosswise, look at satellite images and comments, consider the currents that bring in and out the garbage, noise and others dirt of civilization and select your own piece of paradise, untouched, in all its prime beauty in which they are added only elements that provide you with comfort, safety and security (cottages for sleeping, dining room, bar, deck chairs …).

The Maldives are predominantly coral islands with a maximum altitude  2.4 m and average altitude 1.5 m . This makes it easier to imagine that by the tsunami at 26th of December 2004 they were flooded. On the occasion of my stay in paradise, I talked about it with the locals. One of them, Mustafa was very excited when he told me that a few hours he literally stood in about a meter high water. Due to climate change and the ensuing rise of the sea, according to some projections, by 2100 the Maldives disappear from the map. DSC_0253

Today’s 300,000 inhabitants and their descendants will become climate refugees in their own land somewhere in Sri Lanka and India. This was provided in 2008 with ensuring of funds collected from tourism, for the purchase of territory. In the same year the new government  declared by the Constitution the state religion. Islam was erected as a condition for granting the Maldivian citizenship. In December 2011, in order to protect Islam erupted demonstrations and consequently, the President was changed. The increasing Islamisation could also affect the lives of tourists in the Maldives, like the prohibition of alcohol, kissing in public, mixed beaches or the prohibition of any other behavior of tourists, which is not in harmony with Islamic values. In the Maldives homosexuality and nudism is prohibited.


Maldivian government has imposed a way of building on the tourist islands, they are all similarly arranged. On one side of the island are water and coast bungalows and on the other side of the island are the common areas: reception, dining room, bar and accommodation facilities for staff. On the net is much debate on which island and what kind of accommodation to choose. We took the island where spending their holidays just over 18 years old (at a time when our children have grown and we have no grandchildren yet, we are relaxing a little bit of holiday with children 🙂 ).

20121103_050151We decided for water bungalow and secondly we would again, because you’ve got in the water bungalow more privacy. If you are in coastal, “your” terrace  and  beach passes other tourists on the island:-).


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