The Theory of Everything is a film of an actor Eddie Redmayneja. He does not play the role of world-renowned doctor of astrophysicist Steven Hawking  , he lives it. At the beginning of the film he  is a young genius, physically healthy and cheerful student of physics.   He falls deeply in love with fellow, Cambridge student Jane Wilde. At 21 years of age he received a diagnose of muscular dystrophy. Doctor predicts him maximum two years of life. Taking note of the prognosis and the description of the physical signs of disease progression, he doesn´t have any other questions except: What will happen to my brain?”


In film The Theory of Everything Eddie REDMAYNE lives Stephen Hawking

And he shows a great relief , when he heard that his brain will not be affected. He married Jane (Felicity Jones).  The film is a story of their marriage and creation of their family with three children, story about his muscle wasting, new and new adaptations to life in different circustamces, about always new and permanent reduction in the ability, about distancing of the predicted time of his death. At the end of the film he is paralyzed, in a wheelchair, unable to move, but his brain are better than ever. Fortunately, with the help of a finger and the machine, he writes down his thoughts and with the help of an electronic voice communicates with his surroundings. In that moment he takes a decision that he wants to separate from his wife. He moved with his nurse he  to the United States.


Eddie REDMAYNE deserved an Oscar



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