I envy everyone who goes to Vienna. Just a little, healthy, green envy (Could we say that envy is healthy? What other colors can be envy except green? Could envy be positive?) Vienna is a city where you must go at least once a year. To go back to the time of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth, the time in which Vienna is still alive. To visit the Hundertwasser house that can pull you of a rigid framework that we have carved around us.


One hundred of Hundertwasser´s shades of Vienna

Once a year you should walk through the Freud’s apartment and ask yourself if you breathe the same air as he did in the past?. Once a year you should go to Vienna to eat a Wiener Schnitzel, a very thin, breaded and deep fried schnitzel made from veal. And you must not forget to order potato salad as side dish. Then you photo a Zacherl house for your photo book because you‘re proud that Slovenian architect Plečnik was so good architect that the building was built according to his plans in the heart of Vienna. You increase your energy level with walking on ley lines that passing through the center of the city. You make a must stop in a cafe Sacher, and order the legendary Sacher torte and hug it with Wiener Melange coffee in perfect oral symphony.


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