There is just a little  over 320 000 of Icelanders. Somewhere in the north, half of the year in darkness and half a year on a bright, they´re living  in their extraordinary, least populated province of the Europe, their lonely life in society of the internet and huldufolk. They are stubborn,  eccentric, rebellious freaks. In them live an ancient Norwegian Viking spirit of the first settlers, superstition of ancestors, maladjustment and thanks  to the God, the lack of herd instinct. Designed by the isolation of the north, the cold climate and barren soil.

Icelanders are rebels

In 2009, Iceland announced bankruptcy of the country . Icelanders resist austerity measures for remedying the situation and decided that they will not collectively pay off the debt, arised  because of unreasonable  individuals. They overthrow the government. They demanded to find the culprits for excessive borrowing and put them into a prison. They wanted to put the responsible persons for the collapse of the economy to justice. Many of them was accused, including the directors of the three largest Icelandic banks. 


                    The specific nature of Icelanders is also reflected in their architecture

On the commandments, prohibitions and plans are very critical, they very often heavily respond. And endure to the end. Because of this rebellion the construction of a dam on the river Hvita which is powered by the most famous Icelandic waterfall Gullfoss, was prevented. Foreign investors want to curb the river due to the construction of hydroelectric . The owner of the land did not want to sell, so they obtained a license directly from the Icelandic government. The owner’s daughter went to Reykjavik to protest. She threatened to be kicked in the waterfall, if they continue with the project. Her threat was successful and investor withdrew.


                                                                       Waterfall Gullfoss

Icelanders, despite the campaign and transfer from other countries, do not want to openly speak out against whaling and they don´t want to ban it. They almost do not eat the whale meat  , as well as whales are not of interest to the processing industry and exports, therefore, there´s no reasonable reasons why they do not want to give up whaling. They simply do not want to give up the activities of their ancestors.

With its small size and isolation,  Iceland is the real genetic laboratory. In 1998, the Icelandic Government voted a decision on the establishment of a single database of genealogical, genetic and medical data on population. In 2000, the access to this database acquired American private corporation. Icelanders raise a real drage against that decision . They claimed that they were in this way violated their basic human rights and that the action is contrary to the basic medical ethics. 2004, the existing database was proclaimed anti-constitutional and research based on this database was discontinued. In the meantime, researchers have isolated 15 genes for various diseases. Icelanders were given the promise that drugs that are made on the basis of these studies, for their own needs they Will get free.


                                                                 In the company of huldufolk

HULDUFOLKS  Icelanders are superstitious. They believe they are living together with gnomes, fairies, giants, trolls, mountain ghosts, trolls and angels. They call all them huldofolks . They are avoiding places, where huldufolk live. Projects, which have been started in such areas, were abandoned due to numerous accidents with the weather, machines and people that have taken place during construction. Material evidence of huldufolk are the trolls sown in the sea and through the landscape. They can not hide because they were petrified at sunrise.


                                                  Petrified trolls are scattered in the sea

RUNTUR Weekend binge in Iceland is called runtur.  Runtur lasts from Friday after work until sunday morning, when Icelanders binge-drink till they drop. Especially in Reykjavik, home to nearly 40% of the population. In Iceland, the alcohol in bars and restaurants is extremely expensive, so runtur begins with the purchase of alcohol in state stores. First they drink at home, in company. When they are alreadyvery good”, they continue to drink in pubs. It is interesting that drinking in weekdays is condemned, because it is considered that all those who drink during the week, have a problem with alcohol. They prefer to drink a traditional Icelandic spirit drink called Brennivin. This is a potato brandy with caraway , which is nicknamed the Black Death.


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